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    PeopleCode While loop call function

    Orbit CS

      I use a  while-loop to call a function to insert the supervisor's employee data to the table. The function will use a while-loop to call oneself. However, the function will not back to the while loop to insert another supervisor's employee.


      This is the PeopleCode.

      Function insert_PS_HR_DIRECT_REP_5(&SUPERVISORS, &EMPL)


         Local number &i;

         Local array of string &SUP_LIST;



         /* Get employee data */



         /* Using for loop to insert the data */

         For &i = 1 To &SUP_LIST.Len

            /* Get all supervisors data one by one */



            /* Using to check the PS_HR_DIRECT_REP_5 will not have same record */



            /* If have not same record, insert the data to the PS_HR_DIRECT_REP_5 */

            If &RESULT = "" Then

               /* Insert into table */

               &REC = CreateRecord(Record.HR_DIRECT_REP_5);

               &REC.SUPERVISOR_ID.value = &SUPERVISORID;


               &REC.EMPLID.value = &EMPLID;

               &REC.EMPL_RCD.value = &EMPL_RCD;

               &REC.EMPL_STATUS.value = &EMPL_STATUS;

               &REC.HR_DR_LEVEL.value = "1";

               &REC.JOB_EFFDT.value = &EMPL_EFFDT;

               &REC.SUPERVISOR_FLAG.value = "N";

               &REC.DRILL_DOWN_FLAG.value = "Y";


               &sql_insert = CreateSQL("%insert(:1)");





         /* Check supervisor's employee count */

         SQLExec(SQL.Z_COUNT_EMPL_SQL, %Date, &EMPL, &COUNT);


         If &COUNT <> 0 Then

            /* Push the employee to the array (to be supervisors)*/



            /* Find the employee of the supervisor */

            &SQL = CreateSQL(SQL.Z_SUP_EMPL_SQL, %Date, &EMPL);

            &SQL.ReuseCursor = True;


            /* If the employee is a supervisor(lead employee), call this function do again to insert the data */

            While &SQL.fetch(&EMPL_EMPL)

               insert_PS_HR_DIRECT_REP_5(&SUP_LIST, &EMPL_EMPL);