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    Removal Of Exadata Storage Server Software



      Regarding Exadata Storage Server Software - can you please advise:

      1. How can I identified if its installed on my server ?

      2. How it can be removed ?







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          First of the only way you woud have this is if you extracted the rpms from a exadata storage server patch and manually applied them or if it is indeed an exadata storage server. In the former case it is a violation of your license agreement to do so.

          you can find out if the Storage software is installed by seeing if you can execute cellcli ...

          this is not a sure shot way but cellcli should not be there without the storage software installed.


          The best way to ensure its removed - reinstall a standard linux distro like oracel linux redhat or centos...

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            Hi Nitzan,


            To check if the exadata software is installed, you can use "rpm -qa | grep -i exa".


            1st thing first however, its the job of Oracle's ACS to get it installed and setup everything for you, including all the necessary software. Hence, if you're just checking then its fine.

            2nd, the beauty of Exadata lies in the Storage software for the offloading capabilities, hence why would you even remove it?

            3rd, things will break if you forcefully remove the software, and be prepared to engage Oracle for the service required to get it back.


            For the storage servers, its almost a black box, any seek Oracle's opinion via a SR before doing anything. If you're re-purposing this box because it's old and out-dated, then you're better off re-imaging the entire OS for a cleaner machine.