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    APEX 18.2: Functions STRING_TO_TABLE and TABLE_TO_STRING FROM APEX_UTIL are deprecated


      Dear APEX-Team,


      I am on APEX 18.2. I know, that the functions STRING_TO_TABLE and TABLE_TO_STRING beginning from the APEX-Release 5.1 are deprecated.

      In the Documentation:

      6.1.6 APEX_UTIL.STRING_TO_TABLE Function Deprecated


      Since Oracle Application Express 5.1, APEX_UTIL.STRING_TO_TABLE is deprecated. Use APEX_STRING.STRING_TO_TABLE instead.


      6.1.7 APEX_UTIL.TABLE_TO_STRING Function Deprecated

      Since Oracle Application Express 5.1, APEX_UTIL.TABLE_TO_STRING is deprecated. Use APEX_STRING.TABLE_TO_STRING instead.

      But there are no functions STRING_TO_TABLE and TABLE_TO_STRING in the package APEX_STRING!


      Using google search I have found, that for STRING_TO_TABLE I should use the function SPLIT.

      OK, but what the function should I use for TABLE_TO_STRING???


      And please, correct the documentation with the right package and function names for using instead of APEX_UTIL.STRING_TO_TABLE and TABLE_TO_STRING.