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    Extras => External Tools for all Users


      Hi Folks,


      is there a way to set an external tool fix for all users in sql developer 18.3?


      We rollout our sql developer for a few users over citrix. in addtion we have a self made password change tool in java. we are trying to set this jar as an external tool in sql developer. but as this tools definitions are stored in "%APPDATA%\SQL Developer\system18.\o.sqldeveloper\product-preferences.xml" this is a bit tricky.


      <hash n="oracle.ideimpl.externaltools.ExternalToolList">

            <list n="external-tools">



      is there a way to set an external tool per default, hence the users do not have to set this tool manualy in the menu "Extras"? best case would be to set this in a file where the sql developer is extracted to e.g. C:\Oracle\product\sqldeveloper.


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