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    Problem in Standards Tracker in 11.2 database


      This is an FYI for people that encounter a problem with the packaged app.

      Although the packaged Application Standards Tracker in Apex 18.x is supported on an Oracle 11.2 database, there is a problem with the query on page 20 (Test Status):


      ORA-01417: a table may be outer joined to at most one other table


      This query raises the error:


      select ...

      from eba_stds_standard_tests t,

          eba_stds_standard_statuses s,

          eba_stds_applications a,

          eba_stds_test_validations tv

      where s.application_id = :P20_APPLICATION_ID

          and s.standard_id = :P20_ID

          and t.id = s.test_id

          and t.standard_id = s.standard_id

          and a.id = s.application_id

          and tv.test_id(+) = s.test_id

          and tv.application_id(+) = a.apex_app_id

          and tv.result_identifier(+) is null

      order by t.display_sequence nulls last, lower(t.name)


      If you change

          and tv.application_id(+) = a.apex_app_id



          and tv.application_id(+) = s.application_id


      it works again.