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    Client Server Affinity and DDR interaction


      Hi all,


      Currently our application uses DDR (data dependent routing) from FML fields in order to distribute the requests between different groups of servers. To do this, we use FIELD AND RANGES in the ROUTING section in the UBB file, where the buffer type is FML32.
      After migrating from tuxedo 9.1 to tuxedo 12c, we see how the UBB configuration file has now incorporated 2 new parameters: AFFINITYSCOPE = SERVER and AFFINITYSTRICT = MANDATORY, both due to the new functionality "client / server affinity". Our concern is that affinity functionality may impact our DDR.

      After reviewing the documentation about this functionality we understand that this session affinity configuration implies that SESSIONROLE = NONE so that backward compatibility with the behavior of the existing routing function in version 9.1 is maintained and that in any case may interfere with the mentioned DDR configuration.


      Remote clients use different technologies to integrate with our tuxedo servers:

      - ATMI (workstation components via WSL),
      - Communication between domains (.i.e: GWTDOMAIN)
      - Weblogic tuxedo connector (WTC)
      - Jolt (Java)

      We want to confirm that our understanding of this two routing functionalities interaction is correct.

      Attached you can find two examples of UBB files for former tuxedo 9.1 version and actual 12.1.3.


      Thank you very much and regards,

      Daniel Fernández.