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    To Fetch person details (both CWK and employee) for a period 30 days in advance

    pradeep kr



      Have a requirement to provision skills related employee data 30 days in advance before the training. This is an HRMS requirement and mapped to training's and certifications. Requirement is to provision 30 days advance the employee data in the system so that the training and courses can be prepared prior to employee hire. We currently have the SQL mapping for the "SYSDATE" for both employees and contingent workers (CWK). The challenge lies w.r.t the new hires (start_date = SYSDATE + 30) (i.e. 30 days advance) since they may not have the user names created.


      The existing program is run daily basis at present with the daily updates being sent in the form of an outbound file with all the relevant employee details


      Main Tables used (Presently)

      per_people_f ppf

      ,per_addresses pa

      ,per_person_types ppt

      ,per_person_types_tl ppttl

      ,per_assignment_status_types  past

      ,fnd_territories_vl ft

      ,per_all_assignments_F pas

      ,pay_people_groups ppg

      ,per_job_definitions_kfv pjd

      ,per_jobs pj

      ,fnd_lookup_values flv

      ,hr_all_positions_f hap

      ,per_position_definitions posdef

      ,hr_all_organization_units o

      ,hr_all_organization_units_tl otl

      ,hr_locations_all hl

      ,per_periods_of_service_v ppos

      ,per_person_type_usages_f pptu1


      Let me know if you need more information. Basically I am looking at the SQL modification to include employees who will be hired in the system 30 days from the system date.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Pradeep KR