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    Performance Issue with Oracle Call Interface for OCIStmFetch method.


      Doing load testing for our webservice to improve performance. While doing the load testing we have observed that most of the time in a transaction is consume by OCIStmFetch method. But in some transactions the result is return by OCIStmFetch method in few milliseconds but in others which consume a large portion of the transaction during. In such transaction where the output take long time, it has been observed that it is due to OCIStmFetch taking long time to return the result. For e.g. if the whole transaction take 27 secs to complete then the OCIStmFetch  method calls it self take around 12 secs to return the result.


      The service is build on .Net and ORACLE 11 G. Can one please help or else can give some pointers to improve the performance result.