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    Do you wish to take it forward?


      Hi Everyone,


      If you've been around Getting Started  you know we are running  #Thoughtful Thursday and #Friday Fun in Community.


      Thank you for the active participation .So now let's make it more interactive and knowledgeable!!!


      I was wondering How It would be if our community users (That is YOU:) start creating the questions every week.


      #Thoughtful Thursday

      I am very sure Everyone here are very knowledgeable and experts in one or the other technology.Share one topic a week with the Community .Discuss more share your knowledge, know their thoughts.

      Share your thoughts,educate people,be a active participant .


      #Friday fun

      It's the time for off topic discussions.Time for interactive fun post .Just ask some fun question get creative answers.Have FUN:)


      Any volunteers who wish to take up for this week?