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    Find a check for a quest


      I need to find a check for a guest that payment method is with a visa/master card. I have a amount on two different dates and I use the EJ print program and I try to narrow it down to employees and the total amount that was paid at that transaction but still I cant find any thing that helps me out. Is there a easier way to search for the information I have in EJ print? It is a lot of checks to search amongst and it would be helpful if you could perform a search within the checks.


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          Fausto Ortiz-Oracle

          If you are using RES 3700, try and open the Transaction Analyzer application to search for checks. Select the category of "payments" then you can select the type of payment as well. It has different tabs to help you narrow down your results, such as time periods, RVC's, even employees or check numbers.