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    Kernel Zones in production environment


      We are considering using Kernel Zones, so that Solaris 11 patching can be done on a per zone basis. We intend to use Solaris 11.4 global zones, with a mixture of Solaris 10 and 11.3 non-global zones (KZ only for the 11.3 zones). The hardware will be T8-2 and S7-2. This is a production environment so stability is critical. An Oracle person hinted that KZs where not yet "mature" enough for production, and I just wondered if this is considered true and whether members are using them in anger, and what experiences they are having?

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          Darren Moffat-Oracle

          Kernel zones are a mature technology and are already in production for many large and criticial customer systems.  We have customers who have switched from LDOMs to Kernel Zones and use live migration on similar SPARC systems to those you list.

          It is highly recommended that you use 11.4.1 and configure memory reservation pools feature if you use kernel zones, this is important when you run a mix of kernel and native (or solaris10 brand) zones or any other applications in the hosting global zone.



          Darren J Moffat

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