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    How To Send A Notification For A Failed Concurrent Request




      I have configured the below setups as mentioned in the oracle document (Doc ID 730657.1) to get the mail triggered.


      1. Logon to OAM (Oracle Application Manager):

      - Site Map > Press the link Monitoring > Current Activity > System Alerts > Notifications Setup > Create >Single Application > Press Continue button >

      2. For the Application select: Application Object library.

      3. For the Component Type select Concurrent program Press Continue button >.

      4. Select the Concurrent request name.

      5. Select the Person to Notify.

      6. Press Submit.


      Even though we didn't get any mail or notification triggered to user which we configured for.

      Is there any other things we need to configure ?

      Is this anything related to WF roles?


      Please help me on this.


      Thanks in advance.