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    openInNewWindow breaks parent page, displaying [object] - 5.0.4

    Ross Henderson

      I've searched this issue but I've only seen one post from 15 years ago that can't answer my question.


      I have a dynamic navigation bar that uses javascript:apex.navigation.openInNewWindow to generate either an APEX URL or standard unescaped URL. When I use the navigation bar to open these links in a new window the original apex page breaks showing only [object] instead of the APEX application. The open target window is perfectly fine and works as intended.


      I need to be able to open a dynamically generated link as a new tab and display both tabs simultaneously. This link can either be an external URL or another APEX application with the session shared between it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?


      This only seems to affect IE11. I've tested it on Chrome, FF, Edge and they all work as intended. I'm using APEX 5.0.4.