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    Balance Forward Billing - Credit Memo Generation For Same Bill

    Ebenezer Illango

      Hi Team,


      Thank you so much for assisting me so far.


      My team came up with  a new requirement.


      BFB, currently consolidates all the invoices, credit memos, debit memos and receipt for a billing period.


      For instance,

      Bill 0001:

      5 invoices consolidated.


      Bill 0002:

      Credit Memo for one of the invoices from Bill 0001.


      This is the way application works now.


      What my team wants is, the Credit memo for a bill must be displayed in the same bill itself not in a new bill.

      So Credit memo from Bill 0002 must  be displayed in Bill 0001 itself.


      More likely they are requesting for a Bill Regeneration concept.

      How to achieve this.


      Kindly please advise me.




      Ebenezer Illango