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    OBIEE11g Agent delivery row level security problem


      Hi everyone,


      I am using OBIEE on windows.

      I have to configure Agents to send data to email to a group of users in monthly schedule.

      I have 60 users in BI Publisher which are created using realm (defaultAuthenticator).

      All this users are following a hierarchy (Region-Branch level of hierarchy) and row security level is applied in repository via BI Administration.


      Each user in Obiee has access only to a specific range of data (specific branch). If we login in BI publisher this row security is ok, and works fine.

      I have scheduled an agent, to send an dashboard page to this users at the beginning of the month.

      Report should be sent to user email, that are configured to My Account of each user.


      When agent is scheduled to run with all 60 users in the same time, it succeeds and each user gets an email, but row security is not saved.Users end up receiving data that are not allowed to see.

      User of a specific branch does not receive right data. Example user of branch 6 receives report that should be sent to branch 1, but if i login separately with each user and access the same report i get the right data.


      Can anyone help me with any idea how to solve this issue?


      Thank you,