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    Jdeveloper for EBS 12.2.6


      EBS 12.2.6





      Hi ALL,


      We have migrated our  EBS 12.0.6  to  12.2.6

      Our custom java programs need to be migrated as well.

      I understand Jdeveloper version used in EBS 12.0.6 is not supported in EBS 12.2.6?

      What Jdeveloper version is supported in EBS 12.2.6?


      The current Jdeveloper (in used EBS 12.0.6) version cannot connect to EBS R12.2.6.

      In order to compile the existing CUSTOM programs, We need an Oracle Applications (OA) Extensions for JDeveloper 10g.



      Please help....



      Kind regards,


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