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    SOA suite on Oracle vm or CentOS7?


      I'm a trying to learn how to install and configure Oracle SOA suite and related products on a virtual machine, possibly as a silent mode install but a GUI wizard would also suffice.


      1. Would it be better to install SOA suite from scratch on a CentOS 7 VM or re-install it on an Oracle-provided "Integration_12." VM?

      2. If I started from scratch on a CentOS machine, what binaries should I download besides fmw_12., fmw_12. and jdk-8u191-linux-x64.tar.gz? What software would I have to install first among them? Do I absolutely need Oracle DB?

      3. "Integration" has all the features listed in this link including an Oracle DB EE 12.1.0 so if I try to only re-install SOA suite and infrastructure on it by running "java -jar fmw_12." first and then "java -jar fmw_12." which open up a GUI wizard on my host machine (Fedora28) thanks to "ssh -X " (Xserver export), why can't I re-install in /u01/app/oracle/fmw? Would if be wise to altogether remove that folder with "rm -rf" then pick the same path file for re-installation? The wizard as is, won't accept the /u01/app/oracle/fmw path because it sees it as already occupied. If I re-install in the same path will this affect the other folders under /u01/app/oracle/ ?

      4. I have to set a JAVA_HOME environment variable for the latest jdk. The NOTES.txt file on the Desktop sets JAVA_HOME path as /u01/app/oracle/java/jdk1.8.0_144. In which file do I set JAVA_HOME variable's the newest version of jdk? In ~/.bash_profile file?

      5. How do I know if the installation works? How do I check if all these components are actually running? netstat -tupln | grep weblogic?