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    Responsys - save Sent mails content


      Hi, sorry by my english,

      Our customer needs to know wich content was sent to each contact, from Oracle Siebel CRM (Contacts exist there)


      The goal is to know what offers were sent to each contact when the contact calls to customer service (it is managed from CRM Application)


      Each campaign contains several statics templates (In a nearly future they will use dynamic content)


      Is there any way of...

      a.- to save mail content to suplemental tables for each contact? Could we retrieve this information by API services?

      b.- to save mail content to external data source for each contact?

      c.- to save a template id and map the Template id with each contact, and to retrieve the mapping and the template content?

      d.- to send content mail information via API service for each sent mail to CRM?

      e.- to use Dynamic Content to achieve the desired funcionality and to obtein the information via CED files?


      Any other alternative will be appreciated


      Thanks in advance

      Germán Cerrutti