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    Fact is not showing data Against the Dimension..


      Hi All,


      I am creating an Analysis in

      I am creating the analysis using the 2 different Subject areas.

      In the analysis I am using the 3 columns, like,

      Subject_AREA_1.Date | Subject_AREA_2.Fact_1 | Subject_AREA_2.Fact_2

                               Jan-15 |                    12548            |

                               Mar-16 |                    12548            |

                               Aug-15 |                    12548            |

                               Jan-15 |                    12548            |

                               Jan-15 |                    12548            |


      In Subject_AREA_2.Fact_2 I am not getting any value.

      I have also checked the Join in RPD it's fine as well.

      When I am checking the log I am unable to see the Fact_table.Fact_Column2 (Subject_AREA_2.Fact_2).

      I can see the remaining 2 columns in the Log.

      I am also able to see the data for the both the fact without date Column.

      Issue is when I am adding the Date Column Fact2 values is not populating.

      Anyone please help me for the same?

      Please let me know if any other Information is required.

      Thanks ,


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          Robert Angel

          Hi Mayur,



          typically when you get this kind of behaviour it means that the data model either 'is wrong' or 'does not allow' what you are trying to do, depending on your perspective.



          If you have the physical model;



          Dimension 1 - Fact 1 - Dimension 2 - Fact 2 - Dimension 3


          Then it is possible to create an analysis with Fact 1, Fact 2, Dimension 2 and all will work okay, assuming content level is set appropriately.


          If you have Fact 1, Fact 2, Dimension 1 then data from Fact 2 will not appear, as it has no valid link to the dimension in question


          Ditto Fact 1, Fact 2, Dimension 3 here data from Fact 1 would not appear



          In order to be able to fix these there are two options; -


          1. If there is a foreign key in Fact 1 that allows a direct join to Dimension 3 then you can conform it (ditto Fact 2 to Dimension 1) (create physical and corresponding business model joins)  - then the fact numbers will appear and be entirely valid


          2. Set the content level to a total level for the "missing link" dimension in question, this will mean that the fact figures will not vary for the dimension in question - which may suffice for your purposes



          If you think you already have scenario 1 or 2 as described above then we need more information to help; - physical sql, view of the physical and business model joins, sight of the content level settings on the LTS

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            Thomas Dodds

            Why doesn't Subject AREA 1 have a presentation table for the Date?   Subject Areas are for the presentation of logically related elements ... EVERY subject area should have the date dimension reflected - it's about the most conformed dimension you can have.