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    Classic report pagination change

    Greg Hartle

      In 5.1 I have a classic report created with a template type horizontal border. It's pagination is X to Y of Z with pagination. This brings up a prompt that says '< Previous row(s) 2 - 2 of 15 Next>'. Of course I can click on next and previous to navigate through the records. The thing is I will only ever have one record on one page. To say rows(2) - 2 of 15 implies I will have more than one row per page which I won't. I would rather it say '< Previous row(s) 2 of 15 Next>' removing the '2 -'. I see it uses a class called 'fielddata' but I wasn't sure if anyone had an easier way to modify this than mucking around with the templates somehow. I was wondering if there was an on-the-fly piece of javascript or css modification, which would do this for me. Thanks.