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    List View of 10046 trace files in SQL Developer not working

    Ric Van Dyke

      Using  Version, on windows 7, database is 12.2. I'm big on using the 10046 trace event to see what exactly is going on when running a single SQL statement or when running some SQL application code.  However looking at a trace file in SQL Developer has a problem, the "List View" doesn't appear to work.  Below is a screen shot of opening up a 10046 trace and then clicking on the List View tab.  At first nothing appears then as I start to click around on the screen, seemingly random things pop up.  I don't know if this has something to do with a setting on my part but nothing else acts like this.  The back ground is the Tree View and overlaying that is parts of the List View.




      I'm really not sure what this tab is supposed to show since I can't really see it all. I think it breaks down events similarly to how TKPROF does but I'm not sure. This appears to be the same thru the last couple of drops of SQL Developer.  Is anyone able to use this?  Is there any display setting I should investigate that could be set wrong?  Thanks much!