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    ORDS PL/SQL gateway - special characters in url parameter


      Hi there,


      We currently migrating our old software from mod_plsql to ORDS and recently discovered a probem with

      special characters in url parameters. I'm talking about "Umlaute" so the german "ä, ü, ö" ...


      an example call would be:




      This call leads to the error: HTTP 400 (Bad request).

      An important sidemark to this: The error only occurs when using the Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.

      Modern browsers like Firefox and Chrome aren't affected.


      Unfortunately we have to support this IE version. Is there any workaround to fix that without changing

      the whole own codebase? Maybe an ORDS parameter for URL encoding/charset conversation?


      We're using ORDS 18.3, deployed on the JBoss 7.1.4.