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    How to assign user to SAML application using REST API on ORACLE IDCS.


      I have created SAML app using REST API ON IDCS. Now i want assign this app to user using rest api but i am not able to find appropriate api.

      (I have used this api     {{HOST}}/admin/v1/Grants with body     


          "grantee": {

              "type": "User",

               "value": "{{89d4f10619b64d6f85a5d39ebd85ec47}}"


          "app": {

              "value": "{{64e0435b216144ab8e66e69377ace165}}"


          "entitlement" : {

              "attributeName": "appRoles",

              "attributeValue": "{{9ef3ec75ad9f436a94906ad2557bebe9}}"


          "grantMechanism" : "ADMINISTRATOR_TO_USER",

          "schemas": [





      but here i get error as Grant.app references a App with ID {{64e0435b216144ab8e66e69377ace165}} that does not exist.