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    BiFunction reference from a string representing classpath of the function (method)

    Stan Hughes

      I am trying to figure out how I can use a string containing the classpath of a method to create a Bifunction reference I can use in a lambda. I may be going about this all wrong - but...


      For instance:


      If I had the following class:


      package com;


      public class Greeter {

        public String helloWorld(String firstname,String lastName) {

            return "Hello, "+firstname+" "+lastname;



      How could I create a Bifunction reference from a string so that I could put it into a hashtable:


      Hashtable<String,BiFunction<String,String,String>> functions = new Hashtable<>();

      ReferenceToBiFunction ref = GetReferenceToBiFunctionFromString("com.Greeter::helloWorld");



      Is there a way to do this?