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    Error creating repository




      I was using SQL Developer 2.1, creating the repository and migrating successfully.
      Someone suggested trying 4.2 though to see if MySQL mediumText can migrate as BLOB.


      I downloaded it, bringing over the settings from 2.1

      I attempted to delete and create the repository but received this error:


      And then this during the create:

      I had not received that in 2.1 (but did in 18.3 which I was inadvertently using initially).

      We are on Windows 7, Oracle 10g.


      I have read the resolutions for this error, related to granting rights, but the user associated with the repository has the necessary rights.

      I did not make any changes when I just downloaded 4.2


      Does anyone have any idea what is causing the error?t,


      Thank you and all the best,