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    Different Operations for two Automatic Row Processing (DML)

    Bradley Burgett

      Hi All,


      Is there a way of having one Automatic Row Processing (DML) do an update to a 'LEAVER' table and another Automatic Row Processing (DML) insert into a 'AUDIT_LEAVER' table?


      I only ask as I get "Invalid action SUBMIT on this object.".


      To give some context, I have been asked by our business users to create an audit table for every form that captures all columns and thought the above would be best.


      It works with 2 but only when both match which initially when first inserting the data into both tables it works perfectly. However, when the 2nd part of the form needs to update 'LEAVER' and insert a new row into 'AUDIT_LEAVER' it doesn't work.


      They need a log of this to track what each user has added to the form or changed as some forms require approvals or hold certain dates - so if they change, they will need to speak to the individual who changed that value to ascertain why i.e. approval to a shorter leave date or change of approval from "Refused" to "Approved".


      I believe this is possible using PL/SQL but with the number of columns and forms, this would be very difficult to add  as the APEX Application I am creating will be used to hold around 14 forms but with around 50 sub-forms which all need audit tables - which is replacing a legacy form system.


      Hoping someone can help or tell me if I am looking at this in the wrong way.


      Many Thanks!