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    Using P6 8.2 - Which table/fields should I use for SQL




      I'm new to using P6 but have been tasked for building some automated dashboards based on data in P6.


      I have access to the underlying tables but struggling a bit to find the correct tables to use as there's a lot of duplication of field names in the schema.


      I'm sure there will be more questions but to start, i'm looking for:


      • Project Long Name
      • Baseline Dates
      • Activity Dates


      From another user:


      TIME Phased fields (will give data based on selection of time period, weekly,monthly etc)

      Cum BL Project Total Cost

      CUM Earned Value Cost

      CUM Actual Cost

      Cum Remaining Total Cost

      Current Status Fields

      Budgeted Total Cost

      Planned Value

      Earned Value Cost

      Actual Cost

      Schedule Variance

      Cost Variance

      Cost Performance Index (CPI)

      Schedule Performance Index (SPI)

      Estimate To Complete

      Estimate AT Completion


      Hope this makes sense, any help would be great!