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    APEX_AUTHENTICATION=<authentication scheme>




      I tried to use 2 different URL's to tell APEX which one of the 2 authentication schemes (database account and LDAP) to use when logon, based on which link the user selects.  LDAP was set the "current" authentication scheme.


      https://<host>:<port>/ords/apex/f?p=118&APEX_AUTHENTICATION=LDAP (this works)

      https://<host>:<port>/ords/apex/f?p=118&APEX_AUTHENTICATION=DATABASE (this doesn't work)


      It seems like it always uses LDAP for authentication even when "APEX_AUTHENTICATION" is set to "DATABASE" in the above URL.  Is there any API in Oracle APEX to control which authentication scheme to use when the following is submitted?



          p_username => :P101_USERNAME,

          p_password => :P101_PASSWORD );