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      Hi Experts

      Please share the usage of the draft tables

      I am querying these tables used in the seeded PO Approval workflow to debug an issue and find no data in them.





      These tables are used in a package po_wf_po_notification referenced in seeded PO Approval workflow

      Querying these tables return no data. How to determine if the table has data or not?

      This is in EBS version 12.2.5

      I have tried below options to set org context and check if any data is available and query returns no rows

      exec po_moac_utils_pvt.set_org_context(l_org_id) ; -- This is used in the po_wf_po_notification package

      exec fnd_global.apps_initialize(1171,50957,201) ; 

      exec mo_global.set_policy_context('S','82')

      exec mo_global.set_org_context('82','62','PO')