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    Question - Can Approver Who Has Proper Authority Approve a PO that they Modify?


      PO Document Types are set to:



      Purchasing Setup > Purchasing > Document Types > Award Standard



      Owner Can Approve = NO

      Approver Can Modify = YES



      Workflow Approval = PO Approval

      Forward Method = Hierarchy



      PO Owner is X

      PO Approver is Y

      PO Approver is Z



      If X submits a PO for Approval and Y Modify's it (and Y also has the Authority to Approve the PO) will the system allow Y Approve the PO even though Y Modified?

      Or because Y Modified, then system would require Z to Modify it?



      Real Situation: X submitted a PO for Approval. Y Modified it (and Y also has the Authority to Approve the PO). Y also Approved the PO.

      (Just wanted to verify that this is valid functionality and that PO should not have gone to Z for Approval, since Y made a modification)