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    Integration of Oracle RDF and Enterprise Search

      Has anyone tried integrating Enterprise Search with the new RDF feature to enable true semantic search?
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          It would be interesting to hear from people who have tried this in an application.

          As an FYI, using RDF query capabilities in Oracle, simple PL/SQL code can be written to do this. Consider search based on a query term X. SDO_RDF_MATCH can be used to find all terms related to X in a given ontology/RDF data set. All these terms can then be used in the 'Contains' operator that is part of Oracle Text, to find all documents in a table that contain any of those terms. We have some sample code to do this, if you are interested write to me at melliyal <dot> annamalai <at> oracle <dot> com. Tighter integration is being planned in a future release as well.

          RDF queries can be also combined with other relational queries. An example in Oracle of simple SQL to combine querying RDF with a relational query is as follows:

          SELECT emp1.name, emp1.salary
          FROM emp1, TABLE(SDO_RDF_MATCH(
          '(?name :fatherOf :Matt)',
          null)) t where emp1.name=t.name;

          The father of Matt is found by querying the family model (represented using RDF) using SDO_RDF_MATCH, and his salary is found out by doing a join with the table emp. Since the output of SDO_RDF_MATCH is a table, it can be easily joined with other relational data.