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    Error in RTF in using 2 groups validation for displaying in XML Publisher


      Hello Gurus,


      Need help how to use in a field in RTF Template XML Publisher


      I have the below in Data Template 2 groups


      <group name="G_BILLING" source="BILLING">

      <element name="BILL_TO_ADDRESS_FG" value="BILL_TO_ADDRESS_FG"/>


      <group name="G_SOURCE" source="SOURCE">

      <element name="BILL_TO_ADDRESS" value="BILL_TO_ADDRESS"/>


      I want to use in the RTF as if BILL_TO_ADDRESS_FG is NULL then BILL_TO_ADDRESS else BILL_TO_ADDRESS_FG.


      How to use in RTF as theya re different groups:


      I use the one below but its erroring out


      <?if BILL_TO_ADDRESS_FG is null then BILL_TO_ADDRESS else BILL_TO_ADDRESS_FG end if?>


      Please need help how to approach the above scenario