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    We are trying to build a solution for Oracle ADF+Oracle Configurator integration , EBS Version 12.1.3 and ADF (


      Requirement in brief : Custom ADF pages which will mirror the default configurator UI provided out of the box by Oracle


      Plan : Oracle configurator provides Java interfaces (CIO interfaces) which can be initialized by an external application , Use CIO APIs and objects to get the necessary information to be displayed on the ADF page , We are planning to build POJO based data controls and populate them with the returned object attributes.


      Roadblock : We are facing some challenges in initializing the CIO from ADF standalone application,  ADF embedded in OAF region we are able to initialize CIO.


      My queries are : a) How to we get the dbc file reference in ADF code (I believe we can access it in OA , But how to do the same in ADF)

                                 b) I tried to do some workaround and used the code in a sample ADF application (in phaseListener on pageLoad) , But I get the error as "Cannot access oracle.apps.fnd.common.AppsContext"


      Are there some custom solutions available to the above use case . Please let me know if I am missing something.