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    RMAN behavior and finding parent backup (level0) of an incremental backup


      Hi all,



      I have quite a simple backup strategy


      1) fullbackup level 0 - Saturday

      2) cumulative incremental level 1 -  Any other days

      3) Retention period - 1 month


      Q1) How do I find/confirm the parent of an incremental level 1 backup ?  (e.g. how do i confirm the parent backup of the inc backup done on Wednesday)


      Q2) On Week3 Saturday, i encounter a disk space issue and my level 0 fullbackup fail partially (3 out of 4 backupset created,  the 4th backupset failed).

      On the next day, Sunday - when the next cumulative incremental backup run,  how will RMAN/Oracle behave ? 
      Does it based the incremental backup using the 3 x level 0 backupsets that were created successfully yesterday; and for those datafiles in the 4th backupset (which failed yesterday), it will base the incremental backup on the previous week (Week2 Saturday) level 0 backup ?