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    Web form :row view only


      Hi Guru,


      I have been struggling since yesterday to identify root cause of an issue so thought to post here to get some different inputs,

      We have an existing web form, which needs to be modified .

      1.New account is added with the same set up like it's sibling in base level.

      2.An existing enitity /account combination is in use in web form

      The issue is ,

      We need this row to be input/write but it's coming view only.

      Below checked are done

      1.Entity member has same security like it's sibling for which data can be entered.

      2.Its is opend in process management .

      3.There is no restrictions in the rule .

      4.This row has same web form set up like existing rows for which data is getting entered .

      5.New account has same set up like the sibling against which the data can be entered for other entity except the issue one.

      Please advise if I am missing anything.Need some input.

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          Chandra Bhojan-Oracle

          If you right click on any of the Cell in the row, you will see Cell information. Can you please attach the screen shot of it?

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            Ajay Pal Singh

            1) You can check that the data storage property for the member is store only in both "member properties" and "member formula tab"

            2) You can go through the form layout and confirm that the row which contains the member you are referring to is not read-only.

            3) You can check the provisioning of the member, it should be write access.

            4) You can open the form on ad-hoc and see that whether you are able to enter the data over there.



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              Please find cell details


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                (I am assuming this is HFM, based on the cell details)


                I suspect this is an issue with phased submission, or security access in general. There are a few things that could make a member read-only:

                1) It is not a base member. You did say it's a base, so this does not apply.

                2) The account is a base, but one of the other dimensions is not. Check the attached customs, to be sure they are all at the base level.

                3) The account, or one or more of the attached customs is flagged IsCalculated = Y.

                4) Security class attached to the account provides read-only access to the user. If security class access is an issue, open the form as an administrator. If its write-able for the administrator, this means that either class access or process management/phased submission is the issue.

                5) Phased submission: check which group the new account is assigned to, and make sure it's in a group that has been started. I can see the process level is "Not Started" so perhaps it's in a different group from the account which is write-able. Remember that Phased Submission applies to accounts and customs, to check the customs too.

                6) NoInput rules though you said there is no rule governing this account. A NoInput rule would also prevent an administrator from entering data, so here again, check the access by logging in as an administrator.


                Let us know what happens.


                - Chris

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                  Hi ,

                  We have same webforms coming readonly in prod but nput level in dev.We have checked the below setup which are same

                  1.All are in base level

                  2.Security class is same for all the POV members-- i have checked with admin login still no luck.

                  3.Phase submission(Process Level):-Not started in both the env

                  4.There is no noinput rules


                  One diffrence i have obsereved that

                  Cell status in dev:-No data

                  Cell status in Prod:-No data,Read only


                  I am not able to figure out why this read only information in coming in cell information.

                  Any input.

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                    Chandra Bhojan-Oracle

                    It looks like the new account is not added to the any of the phase levels, if you are using phase submission. Please compare the Submission group property for the new account and existing account. If there are no submission groups assigned then you can see where it needs to be assigned