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    Typo in MLE 0.3.0 Docu - Running the image

    Philipp Salvisberg

      There's a typo in the docker run command (https://oracle.github.io/oracle-db-mle/docker/#running-the-image ):


      docker run --name <container name> \
        -p <host port>:1521 -p <host port>:5500 \
        -e ORACLE_SID=<your SID> \
        -e ORACLE_PDB=<your PDB name> \
        -e ORACLE_PWD=<your database passwords> \
        -v [<host mount point>:]/opt/oracle/oradata \
        -v [<host mount point>:]/home/oracle/myproject \


      The last line should be "mle-docker:0.3.0" (colon instead of dash).