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    SQLDeveloper - Trigger doubt



      I have just started on this, I'm totally new with SQLDeveloper, and my first project it's about a new app in apex and SQLDeveloper, so.. I need to create a page like "new register entry" (like when you register in a new group or new forum discussion)


      So, I have 1 table for all contact information (name, address, etc)

      another one for company information (organization,address, etc)


      So.. the thing is that every time that I create a new user, the same ID in the "contact information" (user_id) table must be inserted in "company information" table (user_id)


      I'm trying with a trigger but this one creates two lines (one line with the information that I need, and another one just with one field)... one with the information that I need, and the other field empty.



      how can I do it? please help!