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    IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection- randomly occurred


      Hi everyone, I'm trying to solve this problem as it occurred randomly. I use the same account and password as I save it on system.

      So there won't be a type in wrong password or setting issue in this case.

      I have tried to search online. One answer is saying to active service manually. The other is saying that is the listener problem.

      However, the sql developer version doesn’t install on system. I just unzip it then I can use it.

      Here is some photos related error messages. So what could cause this problem ? One of my colleague is using the same method as me,

      and on his laptop is working fine.



      OS: Edition Windows 10 Education, Version 1803

      Network using VPN to connect Oracle sql developer

      SQL developer version:


      The version of SQL developer

      developer version-vert.jpg

      Log in Error message

      sql developer connect problem-vert.jpg

      same password log in success


      log in sucess with detail.jpg