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    Migration tables


      I'm trying to migrate tables from different servers by Oracle SQL Development by the following 2 methods. Can anyone help me?

      <Tools>Databases copy>

      I have added links(mysql & hive) in advance. But in the copy wizard, source connection & destination connection is empty blanket. I cannot choose any connection. How to fixed it?

      create table

      <Can I create table directly?>

      create table server_a.db_a.table_a as select * from server_b.db_b.table_b

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          Blue Bird

          One simple option in SQLDev 18.3 is this (depends on your needs):

          1. Select tables in tree of source server, click with right mouse button on one of selected tables and select Export.... You will get Export Wizard dialog with 3 steps.
          2. Check both options (Export DDL and Export Data) and for Format select Insert. You can try to play with many options above. Click Finish at the last step.
          3. You will get new saved SQL script file and also new SQL worksheet with generated script.
          4. Copy or open this script on target server and run it.
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            You can also drag and drop from MySQL to Oracle connection, or use Copy to Oracle right click option