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    need to set printer as null before calling fnd_request.concurrent_request


      Hi Experts,


      I need some help, I have a requirement to submit a report using database trigger. But that report should not print at printer (i mean i need to TURN OFF report printing).


      To achieve above one, I have passed null value to printer field while calling FND_REQUEST.SET_PRINT_OPTIONS(NULL,'FAX',1,TRUE,'N');. But this function is returning False. and trigger is not submit concurrent request.


      I have tried by passing copies field value as zero,  like this  FND_REQUEST.SET_PRINT_OPTIONS('Printer_name','FAX',0,TRUE,'N'); This is also failed. Function returning False.


      Can you please help me on this. How to submit Report from data base trigger, but report output should not print at printer.


      Im doing this in Oralce Apps 11i Version.