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    Ports for debugging / Firewall




      I'm new to work with SQLDeveloper, so I'm sorry when this is a stupid question.


      I want to try to debug a pl/sql procedure. I did the basics for debugging:

      - setting the ACL

      - granting the debug privs


      When I no try to debug and run this statement:



        dbms_debug_jdwp.connect_tcp('', 4200);





      it prompts me an error like:

      Error at line 1

      ORA-30683: Fehler beim Herstellen von Verbindung zu Debugger

      ORA-12541: TNS: Kein Listener

      ORA-06512: in "SYS.DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP", Zeile 68

      ORA-06512: in Zeile 2


      When I understand it right, the dbms_debug_jdwp.connect_tcp('', 4200); command says the database to establish a connection to my client and the error means, that this connection can't be established. Most hints on this are, that's a firewall problem. I guess that too.


      My question is: which port(s) on the firewall must be opened, to get it work. And I'm sorry, I can not wide range open on company firewall for security reasons, maybe I can do a port range from 10 ports open.


      For clearance: does the dbms_debug_jdwp.connect_tcp('', 4200); command say, that the database tries to connect me on Port 4200? Or does the database use a random port for establishing the connection? I didn't find any information on i-net about that.


      thanks for help,