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    Set a repository variable with a multi value presentation variable

    Sravan Gereddy

      I've a dashboard prompt which has 2 presentation variable prompts(say X and Y), out of which variable X accepts a single value and Y accepts multiple values. I'm using a few session variables at the RPD level which I need to override with repository variables. So, in the report, I'm using SET VARIABLE <REPOSITORY_VARIBALE>=<PRESENTATION VARIABLE> in the Prefix section. I've no issue when trying to assign the presentation variable X to a repository  variable(say rep_X), but when I assign the multi value presentation variable (Y) to a repository variable (rep_Y), BI doesn't consider them as multiple values. I've tried the following syntaxes :

      Syntax 1 : SET VARIABLE REP_Y = '@{Y}{NONE}' ## This assigns all the selected values a single value eg 'A;B;C;D;E'

      Syntax 2 : SET VARIABLE REP_Y = @{Y}['@']{NONE} ## This throws a syntax error at @


      I'm not sure how how to address this issue. I cannot use the dashboard prompt as repository variable instead of presentation variable as I need to use these values in other reports and narrative views. The last time I encountered with this issue, I simply used the Syntax 1 and used CONNECT BY clauses in Opaque View SQL and fixed it. But, this time my opaque view is sourced from a Hive database and I cannot use the same work around. I'm working on OBIEE


      Please suggest the right way to set a repository variable with a multi valued presentation variable.  Any help is really appreciable.