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    How do I grant Admin access to a group in OEM?




      In OEM13C, I have created a group consisting of specific hosts and databases which are part of a project. I have also created a role for the project and granted this role to the project staff.


      I need to be able to give that role complete admin access to just this group, but I can't get it to work - a lot of the menu options like performance are greyed out, even though I grant 'Full' to the role.


      In 'Security / Roles' I have created a 'PRE PROD' role and granted EM_USER and Public to this role.



      I edit the Target Privileges



      And it has this




      I tried checking all the boxes, but that doesn't do anything - when I come back to the page later most of the boxes are unchecked.


      I Continue, then click 'Next' to the end.


      When I log into a user assigned the role, I don't have full access


      How do I give full admin access to this group to the role?