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    EM 13c performance



      We have an instance of Em 13c version 13.2.0, the main use for this em is to manage a large number of Oracle VM farm we have. There are five OVM Managers linked to the EM with 18 server pools  and a total of 550 physical servers.

      We are at about 1200 VMs provisioned and have started to experience many issues with performance, things like provision VM from template takes over thirty minutes for the EM to list available templates where this took like 2 to 5 minutes initially. The agent is also often overwhelmed with connections that essentially brings the EM to a stand still.

      Is it possible to run multiple instances of agent on one EM where for example we could use one instance of agent to manged each OVM manager, we are only at about 10% of our VM capabilities and the performance will only continue to decrease.

      I have just set the MaxInComingConnections to 200 hoping this will help.

      is there anything else I can do to resolve the current issue and help prevent future slowdown?


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          Ian Baugaard



          This is going to sound a little like it's coming from a support analyst, but make sure you're on the latest PSU and system+agent system patches as well.


          Enterprise Manager 13.2 Master Bundle Patch List (Includes Plugins: 13.2.1, 13.2.2, 13.2.3) (Doc ID 2219797.1)


          There are also some memory related parameters you can adjust on the agent side. Have a look at MOS note EM13c : Agent Causes High CPU And Hangs The Server (Doc ID 2213714.1)


          Hope this helps



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            i think that will point the thread opener to the right direction. When we migrated to EM 13c we are also suffering from performance issues in Enterprise Manager. Beside the adjustment on the agent side we also had to increase the Java Xmx Parameter on OMS Side.


            That would be worth a try.


            Greetings Daniel