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    Fastest Way to migrate DB from one server to another


      Hi all, we have an activity of migrating our production environment to a new server.

      The  OS (Win server 2016) and DB version ( same, we do not have license for golden gate.

      On the go live day i can easlity take an RMAN backup and restore but i am just looking at the fastest way to do this.

      I have the below two plans and challenges kindly advice if these are ok or we can do some other way.


      If the Golive is after 5 days i will take Level 0 backup today and for the next 3 days will take level 1 backup and restore on the new server. On the go live day i can stop the app and take one final level 1 backup and restore.I am only concerned that We have a daily rman at night which deletes archives i am confused that if taking level 0 in the day and full backup which deletes arvhives at night and then again taking level 1 might have

      issues, can you kindly advice on this.


      2)I can restore the DB today and keep in mount state and go on applying the arvhives for the next 4 days until go live day, but i am worried that on the go live day when i will try to open the database if it will give any error


      Can you all please advice which could be a fastest method