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    Default Login in SQLCL


      Hi All,


      When I login in sqlcl i have to type user name and password every time. Please let me know if there's any short way of login or auto login when I run sql command in command prompt.

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          Gaz in Oz

          ...who are you logging into sqlcl as?

          are you actually logging in to a database using sqlcl as the client front end?


          To access sqlcl without logging in to a database you can

             sql /nolog

          You can then login to a database with

             connect user/password@database

          To get sqlcl options

             sql -h

          You can use various means of supplying credentials:

          . Set up envronment variables to set up the database environment you want to login to via login script or shell script

          . Use OS authentication

          . Use Oracle Wallet

          . Using a shell script that has the login credentials hard coded - MAJOR SECURITY RISK.


          With OS authentication or Wallet you would be able to login using the "/"

             sql /

             sql /@db


          Please read this for options:


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            if you want to login as sysdba you can use sql / as sysdba.

            But keep in mind that you have to set your oracle_sid properly before using this command. And your OS User which is executing this command should be a member of the dba group (on linux) or the ORA_DBA group (on windows).


            Greetings Daniel