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    HTTP and HTTPS configuration in ORDS

    Madhav Pise

      HI all,

      I have one standalone machine (ON-PRIME) configured with ORDS , and one application that is hosted on AWS (CLOUD) with HTTPS ,which has capability to call API and used the Client credential with OAUTH2.0 to  call the API,

      I am facing one issue is that when both DB and application are ON-PRIME the scenario works fine, but when it comes to hybrid environment its giving me 401 unauthorised.


      when we searched for the logs from AWS we found that its related to HTTP from target  system i.e where ORDS is configured (ON-PRIME)


      my question is that "do end to end configuration needs HTTPS for ORDS" or cross environment also works like "one is configured as HTTP(on-prime)" and the "aother is configured as HTTPS (ON-CLOUD)"????


      please answer..!