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    RAC One Node database for RCU for OFM




      We had recently deployed our forms application in OFM 12c for which one of the pre-requisite was to create the RCU, we have done this for many deployments and we created the RCU in the RAC one node DB (live DB) which they had.


      Now the issue arises after relocating the DB to the other node, since we had created the RCU with the node 1 information, if we relocate the DB to node 2, the OFM services cannot be started if stopped. To overcome this, we can edit a few config files in the application server which has the RCU DB related information.


      To overcome this issue we tried to give scan IP in the config files in the application server, it did not work and then we came across this metalink document ( Doc ID 2457363.1 ) which asks to use a single server's virtual IP while configuring the RCU.


      As far as I can tell, we now have 2 options -

      1. To manuallly edit the config files with the node information everytime we relocate the node.


      2. To move the RCU to a different database and update the details in the config files.


      Would be grateful if you can let us know whether there are any other options to make this work.

      Thanks in advance.



      Praveen Kumar N