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    Update rules don't seem to be consistently working

    Matthew Phillip

      I've created an update rule that updates CDO fields based on a lookup table. This lookup table takes the SFDC 18 digit values and replaces them with the actual name of one of our sales agents (ex: replace 0018A00000fXt13QAD with Jane Doe).


      I've added this update rule to an existing CDO Program Canvas that updates a different field. The update rule I am referring to is the second one on the canvas. (Update Opportunity Owner). See screenshot below:



      Once this is complete I want to sales agent name displayed in an email via a field merge.


      However, I've come across CDO's that have entered this program as recently as 3 hours ago that do not have their fields updated. I've checked multiple CDO's and confirmed that the SFDC value does match a value in the lookup table. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.


      Any thoughts would be welcome!