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    Update data model to make B2B marketing and ABM possible


      Please can the product team address the fundamental data model issue within Oracle Eloqua that means that the system cannot be used for B2B and ABM marketing.

      I understand when the data model was developed that it was made for Salesforce, which at the time couldn't link a contact to more than one account.  But it does now, and this is standard CRM data structure across many CRM systems for B2B marketing.


      The data model needs to be updated so that you can:


      • Link a contact to more than one account, as in B2B marketing it is a regular structure in CRM.  These people can play different roles on different accounts (i.e. location manager vs buyer vs account payable), and also different roles on various opportunities throughout an account hierarchy (i.e. decision maker, influencer etc etc).
      • Structure accounts within the Eloqua data model into a hierarchy, as that is also a regular data structure within B2B CRM.
      • Provide the flexibility to be able to link a CDO to any standard Eloqua data object I need.


      It is not possible to run email marketing for B2B or ABM without this.


      The solution is simple.  Please remove these unnecessary limitations.